You come across a castle that looks old and mangled on the outside, persumably to ward off any possible intruders or unwanted guests. There's a faint blue light shining in one of the windows that have been left open, and you can hear a faint clacking noise coming from that very room. It's the middle of winter, so you decide it's better to see whoever is making that noise than to freeze to death out here. The door is almost heavy enough for you to not be able to open it fully, yet you manage to somehow slip inside. You make your way to the room the noise is coming from, the door is shut and the same dim blue light shines through the gap at the bottom of it. You slowly inch the slightly less heavy door open and... A vampire using the computer?! How did it even acquire such hardware!!
After getting over your initial shock you manage to talk with the creature! It offers to show you the website it's been working on, it's actually pretty nifty.

greetings and salutations, welcome to my figurative internet castle.

My name is Noa and I'm usually known as wolfdog Noa, but I'm also a part-time vampire. I identify under the alterhuman umbrella still, because neither sanguine or psychic vampires really fit me because I am not really... Like that? I guess. Nothing against the psi/sang community you are welcome on this space. A vampire is a vampire.
Paranoamal is my secondary website along side Noa's territory because I usually separate the primary forest animal wolf Noa part of my brain from like... The ''big scary Count Noa'' side of my brain. I'm still the same creature, I just like compartmentalizing my identity. + I don't really feel like all this dark vamp-y stuff and paranormal experiences and the spooks and the haunts really fit onto noa's territory (although there is a log of my paranormal experiences on there... figure that.)
...I also need to have a safe environment to enjoy the spooks(tm) because if I let it consume my mind, body and soul I might just go off the shits again. Think of paranoamal and NT (noa's territory, not neurotypical :D) as sort of a computer and a virtual machine. Noa's territory is for like the whole Noa experience but I need a safe little separated platform to talk about scary things.
I love investigating ARGs and creepy videogame urban legends, anything of the sorts. I intend on doing some paranormal investigation on twitch which is on Noa's territory linked in the announcements box (for now, if it's not there just look around or leave a message asking for it)